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Today we are throwing it back to 1953 to show case our old Chevy delivery/installation truck.  In these days things were much different, especially the printing industry.  Everything was done by hand with out the aid of computers and digital printers.  Parrott Printing was one of the first adopters of silk screening in Tennessee at the time.  In addition, we were pioneers in the southeast region for screen printing 4 color process photographic images.  At the time, this involved shooting full size positives with a large camera and burning individual screens/printing for each color.  The process was extremely labor intensive and skill oriented.  The screen printing process has not changed much.  We now print our positives on a large 44″ wide water based printer and still burn/print individual screens.  Smaller and more dynamic runs have now shifted to our digital printing department and larger runs can be screen or digitally printed.  Parrott Printing has utilized both processes for years to give our customers the options they need.  Stay tuned next week for more!


The original Joe Parrott Signs truck