Screen Printing

Recognized all over the United States as a major screen printing producer, Parrott Printing is a proud member of the Specialty Graphic Image Association or SGIA, and has been in the screen printing business for more than 80 years. Starting out as a hand painted sign shop in 1932; Parrott Printing has the ability to print on a variety of different substrates, in all sizes and in all quantities.

Screen Printing is a professional technique used by Parrott Printing. Also known as serigraphy, silkscreen or serigraph printing, Screen Printing techniques use a woven mesh that support any ink blocking stencil allowing the substrate to receive your desired image. The stencil that is attached, allows the open area of the mesh to transfer the printable materials or transfer ink that is pressed through mesh on to a substrate, which can be sheet stock, foil, film, vinyl, glass, wood, silk, fabric or paper. Once this process is complete, Parrott Printing’s machines use an automated squeegee to pump the remaining ink through the mesh openings.

Screen Printing has tremendous advantages including cost, durability, color matching, and the ability to print on a large scale with a wide range of utility. Screen Printing can be done quickly and is a wonderful medium for advertising.