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Limited edition screen prints

#tbt to downtown Knoxville in 1935 when this photograph was taken. We’ve resurrected this vintage picture on our screen press and made these 16″x32″ limited prints available to the public. We have a black and metallic silver print or a black and orange. Thanks to Rala for making these available! Also a big shout out to Frameworks for fixing these up for us: go see them!  #parrottprintinginc #vintage #screenprinting #knoxville#downtownknoxville #shoplocal #since1932

Vehicle Wraps

Out with the old and in with the new! The Bed Store came to us to update their fleet of delivery trucks. These designs were creative, fun and will be sure to catch your eye on the road. We print on 3M premium materials and combined with 3M certified installers, our wraps are guaranteed to go the distance. Give us a call for any of your graphic needs.  #parrottprintinginc#digitalprinting #vehiclewraps #knoxville

TBT: Screen Printed Signs and Displays

This week we are throwing it back to 1957.  In this photo you will see employees of Parrott Printing hand pulling various posters and signs.  This process is still used but is now much more automated.  We still screen print in house in addition to our full digital printing department.  Parrott Printing Inc has been your one stop shop for your printing needs for over 80 years.  #tbt #parrottprintinginc #screenprinting #digitalprinting #vintage #posters #signs

Dimensional signs

How awesome is this brushed metal “C”?!  After being routed to shape, the 3d effect looks sharp by offering a contrast against the wooden back drop.  We love custom projects like these!  #parrottprintinginc #signs #dimensional #fabrication

Entrance Sign

Parrott Printing was tasked to print, fabricate and install this beautiful sign at the entrance to the Rarity Bay golf community.  All of the panels are printed on 3M reflective material for high visibility during the day/night.  The sign is complemented with hand painted, custom fabricated wood and added dimension to the shield.  The entire structure was concreted into the ground to ensure a long and secure life.  This job was a lot of fun and the final product turned out great!  #parrottprintinginc #entrancesign #sign #custom

Guess what? More Pole Banners!

There is a new park in South Knoxville – Suttree Landing Park.  It covers eight acres along the South Knoxville Waterfront.  We were asked to print two different size pole banners to help brand and decorate the park.  You will see them all along the waterfront and through out the park.  After meeting with the city on site to take measurements, we produced prototypes for their crew to hang and confirm everything was a perfect fit.  Due to the high winds, we reinforced the hems with webbing, double stitching and added wind vents to allow air to pass through.  We love seeing new parks open in Knoxville and are very happy that we could be a part of it.


Throwback Thursday

Today we are throwing it back to 1953 to show case our old Chevy delivery/installation truck.  In these days things were much different, especially the printing industry.  Everything was done by hand with out the aid of computers and digital printers.  Parrott Printing was one of the first adopters of silk screening in Tennessee at the time.  In addition, we were pioneers in the southeast region for screen printing 4 color process photographic images.  At the time, this involved shooting full size positives with a large camera and burning individual screens/printing for each color.  The process was extremely labor intensive and skill oriented.  The screen printing process has not changed much.  We now print our positives on a large 44″ wide water based printer and still burn/print individual screens.  Smaller and more dynamic runs have now shifted to our digital printing department and larger runs can be screen or digitally printed.  Parrott Printing has utilized both processes for years to give our customers the options they need.  Stay tuned next week for more!